Pyramid Mats

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Accessories To Keep Your Air Fryer Basket Clean and Prevent Sticky Residue

Cleaning an Air Fryer basket can be a pain. You have to scrape and brush sticky residue away, which takes a lot of time and effort. Especially if you cook foods that are messier than others, like wings with sticky barbecue sauce (delicious, but messy!) We know how long it takes to clean up your rack or basket, since the wire mesh makes it harder to remove everything.

So we often get this question: “How do I clean my Air Fryer Basket?” And the truth is, it’s annoying! This is why you should focus on preventing your Air Fryer basket or rack from getting too dirty in the first place. By covering it with a mat, you can prevent any type of sauce or residue from sticking to it. You can be sure that the mat will catch all the residue and you can simply place it in the dishwasher when you’re done, therefore keeping your basket clean.

Our pyramid mat is especially great at keeping your basket clean while giving you the best air-fried results. The raised pyramid shapes allow your food to cook evenly, while allowing extra oils and fat to drip away without cooking with the food, AND also serves as a catch-all for sauce, residue, and grease while protecting your basket or rack.

Now, instead of having to scrape, scratch, and brush, you can simply wash your basket with water and soap when it’s time to clean it, knowing that you already took care of the worst part by covering it with the mat.