What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored onto your computer or mobile device when you visit a website.

Why are cookies used?

Cookies can be required to make the website function properly. For example, without cookies it would be difficult to make a website remember that you have logged in, or which products you have put in your shopping cart. These are called required cookies.

There are different types of cookies that may or may not be required for any given website to function properly. 

Required Cookies are those required for the website to work. For example, a required cookie is what allows our website to remember that you have logged in, or to know which products you have inside your shopping cart. 

Analytic Cookies allow websites to know the number of visitors it receives, and to help developers know how the website may be improved. Usage statistics and other analytical reports are not linked to individual users. 

Social Media cookies allow websites to integrate social media into the site. This is what allows users to like or share pages or products directly on their social media services. 

Advertising Cookies are used to conduct online advertising. These cookies are usually personalized to show ads that are relevant and interesting to you, according to your search history. These types of cookies are why sometimes you see ads on pages that are directly related to your research search history. These types of cookies may be used within and beyond Infraovens websites. 

How can I make choices about cookies and my privacy on the Infraovens website? 

You can change your cookie settings via the settings of your web browser, but please be aware that altering these cookies may also alter your browsing experience in the Infraovens website and other websites. 

You can find information on how to disable cookies or manage your cookie settings from the following list: