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Magnetic Cheat Sheets for Pressure Cookers

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Use these guides to know the exact cooking times and temperatures for every meal. You can place them on your fridge for quick and easy access, avoiding the hassle and confusion of searching online every time.

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We’ve all been there. You love your Pressure Cooker, you get ready to make your next amazing meal, and then – you waste time scrolling through pages online trying to find the right settings for your meal. Moreover, the stuff you finally find online makes your meals dry or undercooked – but we know you’re better than this! This is why these Pressure Cooker cheat sheets are so great. They show you the exact cooking times and temperatures you need for every type of meal, so you can finally live up to your cooking potential. No more guesswork, wasting time, or confusion. Only perfectly cooked and delicious meals moving forward.


We gathered data from hundreds of pressure cooker brands, including Instant Pot®*, and condensed them into these handy cheat sheets, just to make your life easier. You can now confidently cook anything from chicken and meat to veggies and frozen foods. Our Pressure Cooker times and temperatures will get you as close as you can to the perfect meal, every.single.time. *Instant Pot® is a trademark registered and/or owned by its rightful holders, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, these products.



You know the old kid’s tale – the turtle wins because she’s patient, yada yada yada. But we know in the game of Pressure Cooker Recipes, it’s all about being the rabbit. You want every meal to be quick, easy and delicious, so you can have time for other things (like catching up on the final season of your favorite show, thank you very much). This is why we created these cheat sheets with magnets. Simply place them on your refrigerator or any other metal surface for easy reach. Keeping these guides handy will help you decrease your total cooking time and allow you to maximize your downtime.



This purchase includes 3 FREE booklets with tips and tricks for your best meals yet. What’s more, with every INFRAOVENS® purchase, you receive FREE access to our Culinary Membership – where you can get free amazing recipes, chef’s tips, and the opportunity to receive free products. To check out amazing and delicious pressure cooker recipes, get access to our chef’s tips and exclusive discounts, remember to go to and register with the code you’ll receive with your purchase.

1 review for Magnetic Cheat Sheets for Pressure Cookers

  1. Susan A Delgado

    Just got as gift at Christmas These are a God send

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