Infraovens Air Fryer Accessories Magnetic Cheat Sheet Set with Cook Times, Quick Reference Guides


The Infraovens Air Fryer Magnetic Cheat Sheet Set includes all the foods most commonly cooked in air fryers. You can easily paste them on your fridge or any other metal surface and they won’t ruin the surface or leave any sticky residue. You will notice how easy it is to air fry, cook and reheat all your food without having to reach for your phone and look up the information online. Not only will you have the ideal time and temperature for all major food groups, but you will also get the perfect inner temperature, which will help you make sure your food is always fully cooked and safe to eat. For meat lovers, we also included a steak magnet so you can cook your steak to your preferred doneness level. The set also includes a few booklets to get you started on becoming a real expert on all things air frying!

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  • Works for all air fryer brands, regardless of model. 
  • Easily locate the ideal cooking time and temperature, press the buttons, and you’re ready to go!
  • Easy to reach, no need to get your phone involved when your hands may be sticky. 
  • Subtle and elegant design. Other magnets are too big and may not look good in your kitchen. Ours are subtle and you can place them wherever you prefer for your desired aesthetic!
  • Magnets 1 and 2 include all the air fryer cooking times and temperatures you may need. 
  • Magnet 3 is a “temperature guide” that shows you the ideal inner temperature of food to know if it’s ready to eat. 
  • Magnet 4 is a “Grill Perfect Steak” guide on how to cook steak to your ideal doneness level: rare, medium rare, medium, medium well or well done. 
  • 3 booklets that include a professional Chef’s tips and tricks to improve your air frying experience.
  • Did we mention the best part? We offer complete satisfaction with a warranty on all of our products. Simply contact us and our team will kindly (and swiftly!) take care of it!


• 4 Magnets include:

  • 2 Air Fryer Cooking Times and Temperatures
  • 1 Grilling Perfect Steak Times and Temperatures
  • 1 Temperature Guide Magnet

• Comes with 3 FREE cooking booklets for better meals

• Magnet sizes: 6” x 6”

• Strong magnets stick to any metal surface

• Laminated surface that is easy to clean




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